Saturday, March 17, 2018


Some resources that have been recommended to me or I've found for machine learning:


A Neural Network Playground visualizes a neural net and lets you fiddle with parameters and topology. By Daniel Smilkov and Shan Carter.


Data Science and Robots a blog with mostly video content about basic machine learning topics by Brandon Rohrer.


Neural Networks and Deep Learning a free online textbook by Michael Nielsen.

Elements of Statistical Learning 2nd ed (ESL) is a reference on machine learning topics and assumes statistical/mathematical background. By Hastie, Tibshirani and Friedman. Can be found free online.

Introduction to Statistical Learning: With Applications in R (ISL) is a reference on machine learning topics that is apparently simpler than ESL. By James, Witten, Hastie and Tibshirani. Can be found free online.

Handbook: Statistical foundations of machine learning by Gianluca Bontempi is supposed to have many fewer prerequisites than the ISL or ESL. Can be found free online.

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